Natalie and Conor, wedding at Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh followed by reception in The Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel.

Wedding at Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh

Natalie and Conor got maried at Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh. Amazing place. For those of you who haven’t been there, the whole building is pretty spectacular, especially staircase and a big room where this lovely couple got married. The old library is also worth to mention, you can see it on one of the photos I’ve attached to this blog post. The staircase is just ideal for big group photos as well as for romantic and charming shots with just a couple. Main room causes us some small problems with lighting. As we are not using flashes during the ceremony (one of our rules), we had to deal with the difference in light colour between daylight from windows in sealing and warm, yellow tone of lamps hanging on the walls. I think we managed to achieve a few nice shots, please have a look below and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section, not only about light ;).

After the ceremony we went for a ride to see Artur’s seat. It has a special meaning for Natalie and Conor as he proposed there. At this moment I need to thank one of the guests who drove us everywhere we wanted. We were very lucky as we could capture beautiful sunset above the old town of Edinburgh. Natalie and Conor are fantastic models, not only because they are a very good looking couple, but also because of there very professional attitude despite the cold weather. They denied when I asked about there experience in modelling.

The Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel

For reception we moved to The Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel. This hotel is almost like made for photographers, spacious, with beautiful chandeliers and with all these candles our job of wedding photographers is always so easy.
Just before first dance, we took a walk in the nearest surrounding of George Hotel. George Street looks amazing at night with all these street lights. Unfortunately, I can’t share with you all the photos we took there, maybe if you ask my boss which is Natalie and Conor they will show you more of them.

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