Gothic Style Wedding at Ghillie Dhu- Catherine & Thomas’s romantic gothic style wedding

Gothic style wedding

Today we would like to share with you something special. We had a pleasure photographing Catherine and Thomas’s gothic style wedding at Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh. As you know we love working at Ghillie Dhu, it is one of our favourite wedding venues and for Edgar Allan Poe theme wedding was just perfect. It was so great photographing so unique wedding full of beautiful, carefully selected details, you can see some of them on the photos below. Catherine and Thomas’s big day looks like a film wedding. Catherine wedding gowns were also very unusual and stylish. The daytime dress had a beautiful purpure hand ombre skirt and night time dress was black. Thomas’s suit also had many gothic style details. They both told us before the wedding, that they love darkness and moody dark photos, gothic style wedding was a just perfect choice and reflected their personality. All it made their wedding day very unusual and totally out of ordinary. The style of decor and lighting at the venue created a very mysterious character and atmosphere. As always when we work at Ghillie Dhu we enjoy working with low light and candles light. Lighting here it is quite a challenge for photographers, but you know us we love challenges and we love this style of lighting.

For a gothic inspired wedding it is hard to find a better city than Edinburgh and better wedding venue than Ghillie Dhu.

Special thank you to Kirsty, the wedding coordinator who helped us a lot and made our job much easier.

You can find other weddings we photographed at this venue on our blog.

If you would like to have a unique wedding and you feel a gothic style wedding would be perfect and reflect your personality here you can find some inspiration and ideas.

We wish you a happy wedding planning !!!

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