Winter wedding at The Vu Bathgate – Amanda and Mark’s wedding photos, Orange Lemur photography

Beautiful winter wedding

We had a pleasure photographing Amanda and Mark’s beautiful winter wedding at the end of December at The Vu Bathgate.
We had a proper winter in Scotland this year, and we could enjoy photographing their wedding in snowy, sunny day.
I have to admit that we really like rain and snow on photos, we personally think, with few lighting tricks it can add fantastic, artistic effects for photos.

Wedding photos at The Vu

After humanist ceremony conducted by  Tim Maguire. We organized a large group photo and more family pictures outside followed by photos only with bride and groom on a jetty and with wedding car.

We photographed many weddings at The Vu but first time actually we had so great weather on winter, snowy and sunny. Winter weddings definitely have their charm, and Amanda and Mark’s wedding was magical as well. It is always difficult to express it by words but I’m sure you agree with me when you see their wedding photos below.

What we really like about winter weddings is that we are able to do photos after dark. We organized a few photos with bride and groom and bridal party with sparklers after dark with a long time of exposure and also a few photos just with Amanda and Mark, you can find few samples below. After cutting a beautiful wedding cake it was a high competition, girls tried their best to catch the wedding bouquet.

The first dance was also great. We have to say always when we work at The Vu, for evening reception they always switch on a very intensive colourful lighting, especially intensive pink, the real challenge for photographers and guests who try to do decent photos at the evening.
We have learnt by practice how to work with this sort of lighting, but at the beginning, it wasn’t easy and many times it added us extra work during editing.
As always it was a pleasure to work with John and Andrew from Amour Wedding Films

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Amazing! lovely! outstanding! love this photoshoot because camera holder captures all the details and some shots from some different angle are making this more beautiful, or some sunset shots are lovely.

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