Melville Castle wedding photography – Lucy & Oli, spring wedding in Scotland

Melville Castle Wedding

Congratulations to Lucy and Oli who got married at Melville Castle almost two weeks ago !!! It was a lovely day and for many photos, natural lighting was just perfect

As always when we worked at Melville Castle we try to show the beauty of this place, beautiful location, the beauty of architecture inside and outside the castle. As the weather was great we could organize a large group photo of everyone and smaller family photos outside. Of course, we did photos with Lucy and Oli outside the castle as well. We really like the entrance of the castle, so we organized a few photos there, also the main hall and staircase inside the building are great for pictures. The ceremony room is spacious and large windows give us lots of natural light. Big windows can look amazing but also can cause a lot of troubles for photographer. Especially different shapes of window frames can make unequal shade on peoples faces. This time, however, our beautiful couple got married in safe distance from harsh sunlight so we enjoyed photographing wedding ceremony only with natural light. For artistic style photos with bride and groom inside the castle we added very softly LED video light. It added to photos an atmospheric and slightly dramatic character. You can see how it looks in a few photos below.
We started a day from getting ready photos full of beautiful details and emotions. Lucy looked amazing in her wedding dress and Oli in uniform looked great too! Uniforms always look amazing on pictures, aren’t they?
The reception, speeches and first dance was organized at the marquee. There was lots of equal light, it was slightly dull and boring so we used flashlights to make photos look better.
During first dance we have a chance to do photos with dry ice, it always add extra effects on pictures, you can see it on few photos at this blog post (Thank you Als events and weddings).

As always it was a pleasure working with John and Andrew from Amour Wedding Videos. We have been working at Melville Castle many times but always feel like we discover new great places and photo ideas. You can find more photos we photographed at this wedding venue on our blog here.

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