How to chose wedding venue in Scotland [guide]- photographers advice

Chosing wedding venue is very difficult

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest and hardest decisions you will make when planning your wedding. It can also be one of the most challenging. Your venue is going to have a huge impact over the look and feel of your special day, so it makes sense to spend as long as you need to find the perfect place.

Advice from wedding photographer

In this article you can find tips from someone who seen 100s of weddings.
We are not taking any money from venues we mentioned in this article so you can be sure that this advices are honest and if there is something negative we will defenetley mention that.

How to chose perfect wedding venue?

First and foremost, decide on the type of wedding you want. Next, set a budget with careful consideration as to how much you can afford for your dream venue. Just remember, expensive doesn't always mean the best.

five easy questions:

you must start from this simple questions:

 size of your wedding

Have you dreamed about this day your whole life, and can’t imagine getting married without everyone you know to watch it? If so, then start looking at country house wedding venues with large capacities.
 If you’d prefer a wedding more intimate and low-key, just surrounded by close friends and family, then choice is much simpler. 
 When a space is empty it is hard to imagine how it will look when filled with tables. For this reason we would always advise viewing a venue when it is set up for a wedding. If this is not possible ask to see photographs, most venues should have a photo book or slideshow. You can also check in internet photos done in this venue. Many wedding photographers publishing their photos online. All you have to do is serch for images in your browser.
Just remember, many venues accept bookings above there capacity. It may become very croudy and ucomfortable but brings bigger incom for hotel.


city centre

City chic wedding is a dream for many future brides. Getting married in heart of historic town of Edinburgh or stylish Glasgow could be very romantic and very practical if your guests are comming from many different locations. They can find accomodation at your venue as well. The main question is how many guests are you plannig to invite on your special day and what budget you have. It can be a small, intimate wedding with around 30 guests - examples of small city chic weddings we photographed- Bonham Hotel Edinburgh, The Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh, Double Tree by Hilton Edinburgh. Or you can have a big wedding with over 100 guests in heart of the city, wedding venues perfect for big weddings are for example: Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, The Cottiers in Glasgow, The Principal of George Hotel in Edinburgh, Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh, Signet Library in Edinburgh. Our (photographers) advice for brides who are having a city wedding: - First and most important advice try to show on photos a character of your wedding, if you are having a city wedding why to pretend that its a countryside. Many times when we were photographing weddings for example at The Principal of George Hotel in Edinburgh and we had our pre wedding consultations with our couples they insisted to go to some park or travel after ceremony to Calton hill for example. We always said that in our opinion there are many places great for photos just outside the venue, we dont have to travel far, especially that its hard to predict how big will be a traffic, usually its not easy to travel in city center and at the end we can spend lots of time for travel losing photos of real moments with your guests .  Photographing city style wedding we would like to show the charm and character of the city, colourfull street lighting (which are great after dark), beautiful architecture, reflections at the windows or puddles, we would like to show Love in the city so we focus on photographing  the connection between our couple surrounded by busy city so passing cars, people, buses ...visually it could be very attractive if we for example do long time of exposure photos and make moving cars and people blurry. Edinburgh and Glasgow are great cities to get married, both with character , Edinburgh more historic and Glasgow more modern, and glamourus, two cities with soul and many fantastic locations for photos.                                                                                                                


Think about and discuss what you have in the wedding pot, what you’ll need to save, or what parents may be contributing. From there, break down the budget and apportion amounts by each supplier to also give you a good idea of the budget you have available for the venue itself.
All suplyers are happy to give discount in winter time, early spring and midweek days.
If you are brave but on the budget you can try outdoor ceremony in the park, forest or a beautiful beach.

Advantages of this kind of wedding:
-Trees in autumn look amazing
-You can use candels, torches, xmas lighting ets.. to make it unique and magical.  String lighting to illuminate your evening, White Paper Lanterns. Floating Candles in a pond or clear vase. Hang a chandelier from a big tree
-Hang fabric from between two tall trees
- rain, you need "plan B", it can be marque, barn or (lately in fashion) tipi tent
- wind, If you chose open space like see clif beach you need to get ready for wind. Long vail on wind looks amazing but during ceremony it may cause a lot of trobules.

rooms availability

If many of your wedding guests are travelling long distance to be on your wedding, it is worth to think about accomodation for them. The best would be if your wedding venue have enough rooms available to accomodate your guests.

Time of year

                                             Every woman imagine her wedding day and picture themselves as a bride. You can imagene yourselves in a wedding dress at sunny summer evening, with colourful, gold autumn colours, with christmas decorations and cosy room with fireplace and snow outside or maybe with beautiful spring  blooming trees. From photographer point of view you can get beautiful wedding pictures at every season. Of course time of the year you choose for your wedding has big impact for all wedding planning and for photos as well . In our opinion every season has adventages and disadventages . Planning your wedding is very important to choose right time for your ceremony. Time of the year very much determinate this. Especially on a winter time when day is so short we recommend to have your ceremony earlier , then you can enjoy having photos with day light as well.                                                                                                                                                                             


lots of flowers, blossom trees, outdoor photos


long day, harsh sun light, good weather, outdoor photos, you must be prepared for higher prices, you must book your wedding suppliers earlier as it is a middle of wedding season and the best suppliers are getting booked quickly


colourful trees, unpredictable weather (can be very good or very bad), early sunset, more opportunities for moody images after dark, photos with sparklers and fireworks, more chance to have rain on your wedding which can look great on photos, rain looks great on photos after dark, with day light it is not the same effect


chrismas decorations, fairy lighting, very short day, chance to have snow on your photos, photos with sparklers and fireworks are possible, 

 pick your theme

Before you choose a wedding theme make sure if it suits to your venue and of course reflect your personality.
There are so many themes to choose, it could be a colour combination which you choose for your bridesmaids dresses, your flowers  and all decor or glamorous- venue with historic feel.                          


glittering modern big days 

  Adding some sparkle is one of the easiest ways to add a little luxury feel to your big day                      

vintage wedding décor

  - Use old shabby chic style suitcases as card boxes, or perhaps you could park a classic bicycle outside and fill the basket with flowers.  Just don’t go too overboard with vintage props or else your wedding will look like the inside of a charity shop!

art deco

Try to stay with classic black-and-gold palette. 1920s typography on your paper goods and signs is very important for a realistic feel.

Alice in wonderland

  Use teapots in stead of vases for flowers. little golden keys, heart gems, playing cards, card suit confetti, etc. all over the tables. Attach ‘eat me‘ and ‘drink me‘ labels to everything.

rustic wedding

boho wedding

Flower crown is the easiest way to add a bit of rustic feel to your wedding. Use jam jars insted of vases for flowers as a tables decoration and think about cheese wedding cake.

fairytale wedding

rock and roll wedding

- it can be a colour combination which you choose for your bridesmaids dresses, your flowers and all decor.

weather options

“Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best & Prepare to be Surprised!”
The weather in Scotland can be unpredictable to say the least!
Make sure you have a backup plan as well as your venue have a rain plan in case of rain. This ensured that all the vendors knew where everything would go.
Rain is supposed to be a sign of good luck on your wedding day, so take it as a sign of good things to come!
If you’re happy on your wedding day then everything and everyone else will automatically brighten up, so keep sprits high!

 when to book?

It’s perfectly normal for couples to book their chosen wedding venue 12-18 months before their wedding date, giving them plenty of time to plan their perfect day. The big popular wedding venues up and down the country get booked up a long time in advance during the peak, summer wedding season, so we advise that you book as soon as you’ve found ‘the one’.

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